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Nokia 1280
Flashlight. 5 (five) phonebooks. Speaking clock. FM Radio. Available in Slate Grey, Turquoise and Lavendar. Inexpensive but NOT cheap. A reliable phone for texting and calling. The monochrome graphics are enjoyable even while playing the included games. We use this phone as part of our business and customers who got this phone order it again for friends of the original recipient!
Your Price PHP1250
Your payment will come out of your load balance. On the next page, you can include your recipient's name, address and contact number, along with your message. Fast Delivery inside the Philippines is included in the price! Add 1500 pesos to ship outside the Philippines.
Please note. Some phones are dual-band (900/1800 mhz). They will not work in America. Check here for the bands available in your country


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