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General/ Terms of Sale/ Refund

  • We aim to be your internet version of going to the store and buying load (pre-paid phone credit for the Philippines, texting capital of the world!).
  • Any difference in price between normal market costs and web site costs are understood to be service costs.
  • When you buy load, you can send any amount at any time. No expiration exists until it is actually credited to the phone.
  • Since your load never expires, the only refunds you can request are when We refuse you service because We want a phone number to confirm your location and you refuse to provide one, and then We reserve the right to refund only your unused portion of load..
  • In the rare event of recipient saying he did not recieve load, We will provide either a confirmation number (for e-load, autoload etc.) or a card number as our proof of sending. We personally have lost load We sent to friends so We understand, but that's part of the phone system here. Any recipient can insist he did not get load, but we phone customers ultimately must accept the computer records. The confirmation or card number is our proof to you that We indeed sent the load. The rest is out of our hands.
  • This is website is not officially affiliated with Smart Communications. We are technically retailers.
  • The same holds true for Globe, Touch Mobile, Sun and other cell phone service companies in the Philippines.
  • We may adjust your order (eg 100 pesos to 60 pesos) to save you time. We may not always inform you explicitly but the History page contains a record.
  • We may adjust your load balance, for example to correct load sent twice or a refund - regardless of where the problem occurred.
  • Shipping details

  • Any customer who purchases services from this website should understand that he/she is promised prompt delivery of load to the targeted recipient. Ysually from 5 minutes to 1 hour, 24 hours a day when possible, but especially between 8 AM and 10 PM Manila time. The time of order is indicated in your history. There may be delays for customer or phone number validation, but you will be informed by email or phone in the same business day Philippine time.
  • Smart load is usually sent by electronic load. (Good for roaming and domestic (inside the Philippines).
  • Globe/TM load (25, 50, 100, 150, 200) is sent electronically. Globe/TM 300, 500, 1000, 1500 are sent via cards (as available) for people inside the Philippines and electronically for people roaming (outside the Philippines).
  • ID/Privacy

  • Due to possible fraud, We reserve the right to confirm all orders by phone or email. This is also for your protection. We will not share any personal information with anyone else, unless you approve beforehand. (e.g. you tell me your friend can request load from your account directly from me.) We only have your name, email address and maybe your phone number and physical address. We will only give that information to legal authorities with a court order.
  • We will add you to a mailing list to announce tips for using this site and specials relevant to load, but you will be able to opt out whenever you like.
  • As of September, 2006, We don't have your credit card numbers and We can't enter them for you either. We can talk you through it if you contact us.
  • All Paypal payments are your responsibility and not at all processed by does not at all remove payments from you Paypal account as all payments are done by you. If payments made to your Paypal account have not been done by you, it means your account has been accessed by someone else and being used for fraud proposes. is looking out for your safety and trying our best to prevent fraud from happening to you.

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