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Yahoo ID: pasaload_intl
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    Load is what Filipinos call prepaid phone credit.

    Pasaload is the verb that Smart Cellular invented for one user sending another user load electronically. (Send 09123456789 5 to 808 only works inside the Philippines.)

    Unlike on other load sites, with this site, please purchase your load before you tell us what number(s) to send it to.

    Your account is a load bank. Fund your account with a purchase.

    You can buy up to 300 pesos at the start, then send according to your needs: after 2 purchases, you can buy 500 a day and over time you can buy more. This allows us to send quickly without worrying too much about fraud.

    Do you want to send all 300 pesos to one number? 150 to 2 numbers? 100 to 3 numbers? 50 to six numbers? No problem! Load from 1 purchase can be sent to any valid Philippine prepaid phone number.

    Do you want to send 50 to a friend today then schedule 50 more every 5 days? Sure, you can do that also!

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    Why is this site special?


  • You can request cards or electronic load, depending on which is more convenient.
  • Value

  • If you buy 500 pesos for a Smart number on most other load sites, the 500 pesos can deliver maximum 500 texts. With us, you can schedule All Text 50 which gives 300 texts over 3 days. So for 3000 texts, you can either spend 3000 pesos or 500 pesos We give you the choice..
  • Online SMS sending to your PI friends and family. At 1 peso a message, its probably much cheaper than using your foreign cell phone or even your Globe/ Smart Roaming Phone.
  • Accessible Service. Toll Free calls For Americans and Canadians, Yahoo Messenger help also..
  • Miscellaneous Services and flexible customer service. Checking your roaming account is free for customers,
  • 30 Pesos will cost US $ 1.30
    50 Pesos will cost US $ 1.95
    60 Pesos will cost US $ 2.30
    100 Pesos will cost US $ 3.65
    115 Pesos will cost US $ 4.15
    200 Pesos will cost US $ 6.15
    300 Pesos will cost US $ 9.10
    500 Pesos will cost US $ 15.00
    1000 Pesos will cost US $ 29.75
    1500 Pesos will cost US $ 43.95
    3000 Pesos will cost US $ 85.50
    5000 Pesos will cost US $ 139.00
    10000 Pesos will cost US $ 274.35
    * Note: We limit your load to 1500 pesos per number per 24 hours.

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